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URAC Pollution Chemistry Simulator

The User's Reactivity Analysis Code (URAC) is a computation facility which allows a user, with minimum effort or knowledge of atmospheric chemistry and computation techniques, to simulate and display atmospheric-chemistry interactions on desktop and laptop computers. It is based on a simple box-model approach, and accommodates three different reaction parameterizations: Carbon Bond 4, SAPRC-90, and SAPRC-97. The codes are intended for Unix systems, and were prepared using Macintosh and Sun platforms. They can be operated in a simple batch mode or through the use of an X-Windows - based graphical user interface (GUI).

The directory structure in these archives should be preserved to ensure that the included scripts and makefiles operate

NOTE: This is VERSION 1.2, which corrects problems in VERSION 1.1 associated with plotting and sensitivity calculations at extended simulation times.

An Acrobat file of the URAC user's manual is available over the following link:

Pluvius II Storm Chemistry Simulator

Pluvius II is a Fortran code that simulates storm formation and associated wet and dry chemistry, along with attendant wet-removal processes. Operable in
one, two or three dimensions, this code accepts input in the form of chemistry and cloud-physics parametrizations, along with wind data, to generate the associated
distributions of clouds, precipitation, and dry and wet chemistry.

The basic code, plus code for example two-dimensional simulations, can be downloaded from the directories within ftp/pluvius.dir/codes.dir on the Columbia Geosciences
FTP site as follows:

Pluvius II is described in Atmos. Environ., Vol. 23, 2017-2031 (1989), and an Acrobat file of the Pluvius II user's manual is available over the following link:

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